Living Wholeness is a community of those who live and give the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF). Our purpose is for God centered transformation of the whole person (spiritual, personal and relational), the whole church, through the whole gospel, to the whole world!

For counselors, the CWF has been tested in the fires of many clients over many years, in a range of settings, across diverse cultures and counselling issues. This is a well presented, easily understood framework into which you can put your counselling expertise. The Christian Wholeness Framework will encourage, inspire and challenge you to find a C.U.R.E. for your clients.

Who is it for ?

The CWF is for …. you to live and give in any situation where you might be caring, counselling and doing mission/ministry in a Christian and integrated way… by walking the C.U.R.E. steps!

The CWF is for individuals in the context of life’s challenges (personal, social and material) wanting transformation in a God centred way. For families, it can assist with management and enrichment and conflict resolution and parenting.

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What is CWF ?

Living Wholeness is developing a story. You can use the Christian Wholeness Framework and become part of the growing Living Wholeness community in your own God given unique way! In this way, your story can be enhanced and empowered to become more His story… and indeed, a real and lasting part of history!

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Why use it ?


The benefits of the CWF are that it provides a big picture, and a clarity of priorities, giving a map regarding the essentials for life and relationships. It promotes connection with God, oneself and proactive relationships with others (triangle) in deep and empowering ways. The CWF can help move towards a balanced God centred, wholisitic, integrated, transformed life (from the Spirit through the heart, and on outwards through one’s thoughts, talk and walk… and relationships of family, friends, work, the church & school /place of work)…in other words, “shalom”. (circles), becoming like Jesus (as illustrated in the shape of the cross and square) in the context of growing the body of Christ (pyramid).

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What now ?

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