Living Wholeness Intensive Workshops 2017

Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2017

       9 am to 4.30 pm

Intensive 1: First Steps —

Understanding and using CWF in Counselling/therapy

Living Wholeness Institute have been asked many times to run more rigorous training for counsellors already working in Australia, to follow on from some of the conference days already held in Christian Wholeness Framework.

After successful trials of workshops in Asia over the past years, we are delighted to announce the start of these workshops in Queensland.  

If you are a clinician/therapist/counsellor or student in Masters level equivalent, we are delighted to invite you to join us for an in-depth look at how CWF (a biblical Anthropology to support Christian workers in counselling) can be an invaluable asset to your work.

This will be the first of 3 Intensives over the next year, each building further on clinical processes, knowledge and skills, and  also enhancing potential service opportunites in facilitation/training/small groups or increasing supervision capacity.

CPD points available with Certificate of full attendance.





Interactive training with:

Dr Carolyn Russell (trainer with LW Institute)


Hills Wesleyan Methodist Church Queens Rd, Everton Hills

Opportunities for support and network and Future service

Cost:  $120/day or Student $80 /day

Fully catered

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Living Wholeness Institute presents

A series of workshops designed to lead participants through understanding and use of CWF as a base for Biblically and psychologically robust care, counsel and coaching.

Intensive Workshop 1First Steps — Understanding and Using the CWF in Counselling and Therapy/Mental health contexts

After this workshop, participants

  • will have a working knowledge of CWF Shapes and Steps, and be able to articulate the Anthropology contained therein.
  • Will create a formulation using their own cases, and those presented in class.
  •  will be able to apply the CWF to their own life and story, being able to Locate current elements of this as well as Link to other events in their life and relationships and those of their clients
  • will have connected with other members of Living Wholeness Community, who are seeking to be Biblically sound and psychologically robust in their life and professional work.

Intensive Workshop 2: Walking further together — How the CWF assists in Personal/relational/professional transformation in counsel and community

After this workshop, participants

  • will deepen their Knowledge and Understanding, and as a result be able to notice Transformation in their lives, change in Attitudes, Skills being sharpened. (The TASK of CWF)
  • will be more and more curious about the other in relationship, and be able to apply the understanding developed in Workshop 1, to Linger with clients and friends/family for growth, and change.
  • Will be able to understand various counselling theories in light of Biblical Anthropology articulating how to integrate these
  • will be more able to use Trialogue when appropriate, with clients and family/friends.
  • will use the process of supervision more effectively, because of capacity to ‘Locate and Link’ which enables preparation.

Intensive Workshop 3: Provisions For the journey — as a counsellor/therapist (including Supervision training).   Walking the STEPS of CWF, evaluation of processes, becoming part of Living Wholeness Community.

After this workshop, participants

  • will move into their counselling /therapy work with increased confidence, supported by other members of Living Wholeness community (in multiple disciplines), integrating their Knowledge and Skills to serve others.
  • will be able to explain and use the CWF/Biblical Anthropology effectively in their communities, and have the potential to facilitate small groups and supervision as required for their level of counsel/work.
  • Will have the opportunity to apply for service as a facilitator within other CWF trainings, if they so desire and have the capacity.

Between times of Intensives, participants will be required to, and be supported in their learning and development by mentoring/supervision with a accredited Living Wholeness Institute colleagues.

Participants will be able to apply for CPD for colleges, PACFA, ACA etc  upon full certification of Completion of each intensive.