The Pyramid

Can help someone understand where they need more support from and who they are serving. It reminds us that we cannot travel alone. In terms of priorities, it reminds us that we need to be supported so that we can then go and serve. The pyramid acts as a reminder to plan your support structure by mapping out the sources of your support.

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The symbol of the pyramid sits predominately on the engage other help. Place yourself in the middle of the 4 corner base of the pyramid. All of the corners are ideally

  • Family and friends corner (our social life). The main role here of family and friends is to connect and understand. Responses can include trialogue. This is a place where in the context of problems, family and friends can often engage other help.
  • Church corner is the local church led by the pastor, small groups and twos and threes. Twos and threes merge into friends and is best done with the degree of fit with personalities rather than which church people go to.
  • People helpers (corner) are
    • specialised arms of the church reaching out in Ministry and mission. These people are doing specialised work and programs
    • various ministries (eg prayer/people growth/family and marriage growth/relationship change), which may not be salaried. Ministries can be demographic specific groups: youth/senior/singles/separated, issues specific groups: e.g. substance/alcohol abuse and others. Intervention specific groups such as recovery/growth groups and activity specific groups such as sports/craft
  • the professional corner includes the following
    • the work place for anyone.
    • generally work which is salaried… But this is not a crucial feature
    • those who are serving those who are in mission and Ministry, such as counsellors, coaches, mentors and supervisors

Those who are in mission/ministry need to be in the middle of a SUPPORTING pyramid themselves, where they themselves are being supported by all the 4 corners as mentioned below. This includes being served by their

  • family and friends, including having friends, or “twos and threes”
  • people helpers – for example member care/other extensions of the whole church including Mission sending agencies and human resources
  • professionals – whether it be for financial, relational, medical, psychological assistance or spiritual direction. Some of these people may be included in the sending agencies and human resources

All of us should be servant leaders. All of us should be disciples of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus, regardless of age, gender or culture. This is about the mobilisation of the laity into an increased level of involvement in the body of Christ. Everyone has a vital part. Everyone should make disciples and be discipled. So the new and great commandment and commission need not be compromised, and thus we can be more intentional in our mandate to take the whole gospel to the whole world.

What are the benefits of the pyramid? The pyramid helps us to keep an eye on how much support are we getting and how much are we serving. We can be supported the most when we are surrounded by a structure, as symbolised by the shape of the pyramid. So we can receive support from our connections with family and friends, the church, helping programs within the Church (parachurch/people helpers) and also from coaching/counselling professionals – God being at the top, linked with them all.

Where the whole of the base of the outside of the pyramid does not work together, in the context of a continuity and unity, the power of the pyramid is diminished.

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